Although we partner with some large organizations, much of the work we do is dependent on volunteers donating their stewardship around the Greater Oregon City Watersheds. We work in City of Oregon City Parks, Metro Parks and Natural Areas, the John Inskeep Environmental Learning Center, and alongside private landowners working to restore their land to improve the health of streams and our watersheds.

Stewardship Opportunities

The Greater Oregon City Watersheds Council likes to put our shovels and pruners to work, improving degraded streambanks and enhancing riparian habitats. We remove invasive plant species to give space for the native species we plant to thrive. Our stewardship volunteer events are a great way to become personally involved in improving the watersheds we all share.

Get outside, learn a little or a lot, and meet new people who are as interested as you in improving and maintaining the land and streams we call home.

Project Volunteers

Sometimes, our work gets more involved as we take on larger projects. If you are interested in learning about habitat restoration and remediation, consider becoming a dedicated project volunteer. One day you might be documenting plant species and on another day you may be counting fish or testing water quality. These are longer term commitments that require little to no experience and offer an opportunity to learn as you go.

Drop us an email and we can discuss some of our projects.

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