Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator job announcement

Jobs with the Greater Oregon City Watershed Council

Join our team as two Watershed Councils, North Clackamas Watersheds Council and Greater Oregon City Watershed Council, combine efforts to improve the health of streams flowing into the lower Willamette River.  Contribute your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to engage the community in making our streams healthy for fish, wildlife, and people!

The Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator is a new position that will work with the Watershed Councils and landowners, stakeholders, and education program

participants.  This position will engage community members in a range of stewardship, restoration, and education activities, building relationships and deeper involvement

with watersheds and the Watershed Councils. Using your people skills, passion for healthy watersheds, and creative outreach methods, you will initiate and deepen relationships with commercial/industrial property owners, multifamily dwelling residents, property owners, and land management, watershed residents, and low income communities, communities of color, and community organizations.

You’ll help people engage in restoration activities on their property, and understand how their lives impact, and are impacted by, the health of the watersheds. You’ll work with

these communities to help deepen their engagement in ways that benefit both them and the watershed as a whole. Download the full position announcement.