Adaptive Restoration Planning Model showing the iterative process of learning, planning, implementing, monitoring, and back to learning.

Council Plans & Reports


Conservation Planning and Tax Incentive Programs

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Wildlife Habitat Conservation Management Program
Riparian Lands Tax Incentive Program
Access and Habitat Grants

US Department of Agriculture

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Wetland Reserve Program
Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (aka Wetland Reserve Easement and the Grasslands Reserve Program)
Conservation Stewardship Program

USFW Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

U.S. Forest Service – Forest Legacy Program (oak woodlands, oak savannas, riparian and floodplain forests, mixed forests, and conifer forests)

Market-based Ecosystems Services Exchange Information

Willamette Partnership
The Freshwater Trust

Rural Living

Rural Landowner Handbook

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Oregon

Small Acreage Landowners

Oregon State University

Collecting Soil Samples

Stream and Land Overviews

Riparian Overview (Clackamas SWCD) (PDF download)


Selecting Native Plant Materials for Restoration Projects (OSU Extension)
Riparian Tree and Shrub Planting (OSU Extension Service)
Guide to Willamette Valley Native Plants to Use Along Streambanks (Linn SWCD)
Pollinator Plants (NRCS) (PDF download)
Pollinator Plants (Xerces Society & WMSWCD)
Large Woody Debris (FS)

Restoration Planning
From Accelerating Restoration to Building Resilient Landscapes (FS)
Restoring and Managing Oregon White Oak Habitats (BLM)
An introduction to using native plants in restoration projects (BLM/EPA)


Sample Monitoring Plan
General Restoration Project Monitoring
International Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration: Principles and Key Concepts
NOAA Monitoring Guide
Project Implementation and Monitoring Protocol – Low-tech, Process-based
Monitoring Habitat Restoration Projects: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Pacific Region Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and Coastal Program Protocol (Best practices)
Application of Quality Assurance and Quality Control Principles to Ecological Restoration Project Monitoring (EPA)

Photo Point Monitoring for OWEB Grants
Monitoring Stream Temperatures for Non-specialists (USGS)