Why Protect Our Watersheds?

Our regional watersheds provide us with:

Pollution Mitigation

As rains begin to fall, stormwater accumulates as run-off from surface streets bringing pollution. Healthy watersheds can filter that pollution, keeping it out of downstream habitats.

Stormwater Management

The riparian forests in our healthy watersheds intercept rain droplets before they hit the soil, reducing erosion and slowing down the water returning it to area groundwater.

Quality Fish Habitat

All of these features contribute to a healthy stream system, cooling the water, providing shade, and low-sediment loads. Our local coho and Pacific lamprey appreciate it.

The Greater Oregon City Watershed Council works with public partners and private landowners to conserve, enhance, and protect the watersheds that surround us. It is through that work that we able to create and design restoration plans, survey and assess stream health, and assist private landowners in enhancing riparian habitats.

We are a non-regulatory, non-governmental group maintaining a balance of watershed interests.  The council seeks information, makes recommendations, and provides advice concerning the natural resources of the watershed and its restoration.

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