FIP Geographic area that includes Abernethy Creek.

In 2015, The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB)  granted a $137,696 Focused Investment Partnership (FIP) to Clackamas area watershed councils. GOCWC is partnering with regional, tribal, state & federal agencies, PGE, Clackamas River Basin,  Johnson Creek & North Clackamas Urban Watershed Councils and Clackamas Soil and Water District to guide the partnership.

The implementation grant application was filed by the Partnership in June, 2018 requesting $8,744,080 over 3 biennium.  Awards will be made in early 2019 with funding becoming available in July, 2019.

The goal of the work is to create a strategic action plan for habitat enhancement projects for aquatic habitat for native fish species within the wider Clackamas area.

The FIP grant was administered by the Clackamas Basin Council for 2 years and the GOCWC supported the work.

Working together at one of the many Clackamas Partnership meetings.

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