Current entrance to scattering canyon

Several years ago, an idea blossomed during a walk through Mt View Cemetery to access Newell Creek Canyon. Mt View Cemetery, established in 1854, is one of the oldest on the west coast. The scattering canyon, where ashes can be scattered, contains a seasonal creek.   The banks of the path are eroding due to high flows from urban stormwater runoff.

GOCWC is working with the City of Oregon City Public Works and Parks to design a series of pools and cascades along the path.  This will slow down the stormwater, improve water quality and reduce erosion.  The plans include creating access to the cascades as a place to for grieving families to heal.

Currently the work is in the design phase and a grant for $25,000 has been secured through a Oregon City’s Metro Enhancement grant and $8,000 was awarded by the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District. Stay tuned for the implementation of this important project.

Scattering Canyon Conceptual Design

Scattering Canyon Conceptual Design

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