Newell Creek Volunteer Event – October 16

How can you make a difference today that can have a lasting impact for years to come? Volunteers like you can make that difference within our sensitive watershed areas around Oregon City and right now, Newell Creek really needs our help!

The Environmental Learning Center is located at the headwaters of Newell Creek, a stream predominately fed by stormwater which tasks the native species with very important work in removing pollutants before continuing on to Abernethy Creek and then on to the Willamette River. Invasive plant species are beginning to get a foothold and are competing with native species. Species diversity positively impacts the soil structure which slows surface runoff into our stormwater systems. This allows for more water to infiltrate the soil to enter into the water table and less water and pollutants into our local storm drains.

The Greater Oregon City Watershed Council, Clackamas Community College, and volunteers will be working with crew leaders in removing invasive Himalayan blackberry and English ivy around the John Inskeep Environmental Learning Center. Removing these invasive species allows space for native plantings currently growing and new native species to be planted in the future.

There are removal areas for all skill levels and any one person can have a dramatic impact. Hand tools and gloves will be provided and all areas will allow for social distancing.

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Invasive blackberry and ivy encroaching on natives at the John Inskeep Environmental Learning Center